How to Fix Facebook Ads Inconsistencies | Dropshipping/E-Commerce

In this video, I talk about how to deal with Facebook ads inconsistencies. Since Facebook ads is an auction platform and there’s a LOT of advertisers relative to the available ad space, inconsistencies are inevitable.

Why Does it Happen?

  • Facebook ads is an auction platform, a lot of external factors
  • Lack of ad space, too many advertisers
  • Campaigns “fizzle out” if you don’t win enough auctions


  • More testing: new ads, new audiences
  • If you have an audience that was performing well before, test it with new ads
  • If you have an ad that was performing well before, test it with new audiences
  • Small changes can make a big difference, i.e. different ad copy
  • Test new angles (i.e. focusing on a different pain point or emotional benefit of your product)
  • New ad formats (long, short)
  • When something is working, double down on it
  • Need to continually test and find new audience-creative matches to win more auctions

Hierarchy of Testing

  1. Marketing angle (main pain point/value proposition)
  2. Video/image ad (scroll stopper)
  3. Thumbnails
  4. Ad copy
  5. Headline
  6. CTA

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