Instagram Influencers in 2019 | Ultimate Guide for Dropshipping/E-Commerce

In this video, I go over Instagram page influencers for dropshipping & e-commerce in 2019.

Specifically, I cover:

  • The pros and cons of using Instagram influencers
  • How to find Instagram influencer pages to promote on
  • How to determine if it’s a good influencer page
  • What type of content works well on Instagram
  • How you should write your caption
  • Negotiating tips
  • Other tips & tricks


  • More reach for the same price vs FB ads
  • Fixed price, posts can go viral
  • Can run ads that would be disapproved on FB (i.e. before and after results)
  • Can get a store to 5-figures very quickly


  • Hard to manage. Need to keep track of scheduled posts, schedule posts ahead of time, communicate with pages and reach out to new ones
  • Extremely competitive because of the low barrier to entry. If you promote a product continuously for a few days straight a ton of marketers notice and will copy your store/product. They also copy your ad and promote on the same pages.
  • No analytics. When you’re running multiple simultaneous promotions, hard to tell which is bring sales (besides post engagement).

I recommend using IG influencers only to test products if you’re a beginner, then switch to FB ads so that people don’t copy you right away.

Where To Find Pages

  • Explore page
  • Searching keywords related to your niche
  • Starting from one good influencer and browsing suggestions

How To Determine If It’s A Good Influencer

  • Video views and likes. One of the least significant metrics however because they can be bought at a fraction of a penny
  • Comment engagement: product related-engagement is what you want, not emojis or “Wow” “Great!” “Keep it up!”
  • Personal favorite: top comments. A really good influencer will have very active comment sections, with some comments getting 300-1000+ likes. This is hard to fake and tells you there’s real engagement
  • Once you start buying ads, tons of pages DM you to buy ads. These pages usually aren’t great

What Type Of Content To Use

  • The goal is to make your post fit in with the influencers other content
  • Don’t want it to look too much like an ad
  • Make text posts with InShot
  • Video tends to work best but depends on the page
  • Be creative!


  • No need to overthink it, ad video/picture is much more important
  • Tell people to visit the link in your bio


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Negotiating & Other Tips

  • Offer 30% less as a “first post discount” and say you will work out a bulk deal for 5 posts if it does well
  • Negotiate a bulk deal with good pages, easier to manage + saves time, don’t have to renew every day
  • Keep track of promos with a spreadsheet
  • Ask for screenshots of post insights when they take it down to track important metrics
  • Best time to post is usually around 3-4PM EST
  • Have multiple ads so you can switch between them. This makes a huge difference when you are posting often on one page

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