Dropshipping Competitive Research | Easiest Way to Spy on Ads

In this video, I show you a powerful tool that helps you find successful Facebook ads and spy on your competitors.

The tool is called AdSwiper and it’s 100% free. It’s extremely useful for doing competitive research, especially for finding competitors within your niche and seeing what’s working for them.

1. Finding ideas/getting inspiration

  • Filter – Shop now, United States
  • Go to “search all ads” section & scroll…
  • Refine by common dropshipping keywords (i.e. Get yours, Get it, OMG, WOW, 50% off…)
  • Go to “top ads” section and browse different lists (sorting by views, shares, comments, etc.)

2. Finding your competitors

  • Go to “search all ads” section
  • Keyword search by niche
  • Keyword search for product name

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