How I Did $935,559 With My First Dropshipping Store [No BS Case Study]

In this video, I reveal my first dropshipping store that grew into a private label brand with close to 7-figures in sales.

I outline the strategy I used with Instagram shoutouts to get traffic at the beginning, including showing you the exact ads I used. I also talk about the benefits of private labeling and how you can get started with third party fulfillment.

Lastly, I go over how I created original video content consistently using Instagram influencers to avoid ad fatigue and create engaging video ads for our product.

Here are the notes from the video:

  • Noticed a massive spike in search interest for charcoal teeth whitening early 2017 which led me to start this store
  • Started promoting with IG influencers using simple before & after ads like this:
  • These ads were very profitable at the start because I caught the trend early and the posts were going viral
  • Ran a lot of retargeting on Facebook and Google Search Ads for brand name searches

Private Labeling & Branding

  • After a few months seeing the potential of this niche, decided to brand the products and switch over to third-party fulfillment (
  • Started selling kits to increase AOV
  • Ran influencer marketing campaigns to get original video content with the product, then used this video content to run FB ads and more IG influencer ads

Key Success Factors

  • Good timing – This product was one of the best-selling products of 2017/2018 and I got in early
  • Branding the products – This product became extremely saturated but we were able to stay profitable because of the branding and our original content
  • Third party fulfillment – Using a third party fulfillment service allowed us to offer 2-5 day delivery time in the US
  • Continually created original video content – We did paid collaborations with many instagram models/makeup gurus to get original video content for our ads. Having original video content helps you stand out in saturated niches

3 Replies to “How I Did $935,559 With My First Dropshipping Store [No BS Case Study]”

  1. hey Gabriel st-germain i have followed your work on youtube and also i now follow you on Instagram . I’m and engineering student in Nigeria and i want to ask for your assistance. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Teeth whitening products can be harmful to someone’s health if they are not good quality . How do you think about that ? Did you have any case where a customer complained ?

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