BEST Alternatives to AliExpress in 2019 | Dropshipping/E-Commerce Guide

In this video, I cover three alternatives to AliExpress for dropshipping in 2019. Each of these alternatives has a different level of barrier-to-entry and different benefits.

Problems with AliExpress

  • Very inefficient to fulfill orders at a large scale, must do it one by one
  • Large markups. Aliexpress suppliers are also dropshipping.
  • Lack of control, no clue what’s going on behind the scenes
  • Processing delays + slow shipping
  • Pushes up order count, brings attention to your product

Low Barrier to Entry – Oberlo Suppliers

  • More expensive than AliExpress, OK to test with
  • More efficient fulfillment, one-click ordering
  • Sometimes USPS shipping option

Med Barrier to Entry – Dropshipping Agents

  • Wire transfers
  • Min 20-50 orders per day
  • Efficient to fulfill many orders at once, usually done with excel sheets
  • Agent sources the product, orders in bulk and ships your orders
  • Cheaper than AliExpress + faster shipping options for most products
  • Can refer to my agent if you have 20+ orders per day consistently
  • Can find on Upwork or in FB groups
  • Still not 100% control but much better
  • If you have over 50 orders a day, send me a DM @gabrielstger and I can refer you to my agents

High Barrier to Entry – Fulfillment Centers

  • i.e. FloShip, ShipBob
  • Need to buy bulk, MOQs
  • Need to consider freight costs for shipping from China to a fulfillment center
  • 100% control, fastest shipping times if properly distributed
  • Happy customers

6 Replies to “BEST Alternatives to AliExpress in 2019 | Dropshipping/E-Commerce Guide”

  1. Hello, thank you for your video tutorials on drop shipping, I want to star my own drop shipping store on SHOPIFY and your videos are helpful and eye opener from what some other people are posting online.
    I want to know, do I need a website or a domain name to successfully own and succeed in drop shipping.
    I will be super excited if you can take me hand in hand to opening my own drop shipping store on SHOPIFY.


  2. Hey Gabriel,

    Thought we would mention this and maybe you could release a new video in reference to this topic. Oberlo no longer filtered difference drop shipping providers and simply filers products for specifically to be purchased through AliExpress.

    We are currently using the free version but do not see options available on the paid version either.

    Thank you

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